Product information

Actual gas flow at the TIG or wire torch may deviate from what is set on the gas outlet station or on the cylinder regulator, especially if long gas hoses are used. The flowcontrol meter measures actual flow at the torch nozzle and is a useful tool for the operator.



Product name Product number Burst pressure [bar] Operating pressure [bar]
CONTENTS GAUGE OX/AR 0-400 BAR 550178 60 bar 20 bar
FLOWCONTROL METER, ARGON 597328 60 bar 20 bar
FLOWCONTROL VALVE, ARGON 597310 60 bar 20 bar
REGULATOR 510 AR/CO2 FLOW 0-35L/MIN 510010 60 bar 20 bar
WORKING GAUGE AR/CO2 0-32L/MIN 550210 60 bar 20 bar