Product information

This product supersedes product no: 233676

Electrode for welding forged and cast aluminium alloys containing more than 7% Si as main alloying element.


  • Unitor high density polyethylene packing in combination with vacuum packing
  • Good arc stability
  • High strength


  • Easy to use and covers a range of aluminium alloys
  • Less possibility for joint failure during operation



Product name Product number Amperage [A] Diameter [mm] Polarity Weight [kg]
ALUMAG 235 3.0MM GAS TIG WELD 0.5KG 514265 3.0 AC 0.5
ALUMAG-W 235 1,0MM 2,0KG 590083 1.0 DC + 2
ALUMIN-351N 3.2X350MM 71 PCS 1.1 KG 699538 (supersedes 233676) 110 3.2 DC+ 1.1

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)