Product information

This product supersedes product no: 233676

A product range selected for maritime Use:

High quality coupled with versatility is a basic factor for the selection of arc welding electrodes in the Unitor standard range. It is composed to cover all normally occurring applications onboard, yet to be as compact as possible. Each electrode therefore covers a wide range of applications. This reduces the number of electrode types needed on board.

With the best welding properties:

Special care has been taken to select electrodes with the best all-round welding properties. Easily welded electrodes are necessary to achieve good results without too stringet demands on the welder's skill. Welding onboard often requires awkward positions. The Unitor standard range has been composed with this in mind, whenever possible the electrodes' welding properties are equally good also in the vertical and under-up positions.

LMA properties

All electrode coatings are hygroscopic (they absorb moisture from the atmosphere ). When welding the moisture turns into hydrogen in the arc that again ends up as hydrogen porosity in the weld deposit. Combined with other undesirable effects this can turn into hydrogen cracking also known as cold cracking in the weld. In order to extend the electrodes usable lifetime and safeguard against cold cracking, the Unitor electrodes for structural work have been given Low Moisture Absorption properties when manufactured. This greatly reduces the electrodes moisture absorption rate. Electrodes with LMA properties are marked "LMA electrodes".

Packed for maritime conditions:

The electrode box is made of high density polyethylene making it the right place for storing and protecting electrodes from moisture pickup, contamination and physical damage. The information label that is placed on the box gives all relevant information to how the electrodes are to be used. Label, cap and box are made out of the same recycled material and does not need to be separated when recycling.

With full instructions for use:

The label on each box fully identifies the contents, and also gives basic information on application areas. Complete information on each electrode, with instructions for use and application examples are given in the Unitor handbook for maritime welders

For Stainless steel materials:

Plckling gel, product number 661778 should be used


  • Unitor high density polyethylene packing in combination with vacuum packing
  • Good arc stability
  • High strength


  • Long storage lifespan without moisture pick up
  • Easy to use
  • Less possibility for joint failure during operation



Product name Product number Diameter [mm] Weight [kg] Amperage [A] Polarity
ALUMAG 235 3.0MM GAS TIG WELD 0.5KG 514265 3.0 0.5
ALUMAG-W 235 1,0MM 2,0KG 590083 1.0 2 DC +
ALUMIN-351N 3.2X350MM 71 PCS 1.1 KG 699538 (supersedes 233676) 3.2 1.1 110 DC+