Product information

Coreshiled 8 Selfshield is a selfshielded welding wire designed for the welding of 5mm and thicker steel with excellent low temperature impact toughness.

It is used for shipboard welding application such as welding of hull plates, stiffeners, repair of pitting corrosion in cargo and ballast tanks.


  • Incorporates flux inside wire, no need for shielding gas
  • Easy slag removal and smooth weld surface
  • Excellent low temperature impact thoughness
  • Recommended for single and multi-pass welds
  • Ideal for fillet welding


  • Good weldability, low spatter and easy slag removal for high productivity welding
  • Superior weld metal mechanical properties for good quality welding
  • High deposition rate i.e., up to 3kg/hr, out of position weld
  • No need for shielding gas cylinder



Product name Product number AWS Diameter [mm] Polarity Voltage [V] Weight [kg] Wire Speed (m/min)
CORESHIELD8 SELFSHIELD 1,6MM 11,4KG 750187 A5.20: E71T-8 1.6 DC - 18-24 11.3 3 - 7
MS-W-201 SELFSHIELDWIRE 0,8MM 4.5KG 160100 (supersedes 597526) A5.20: E71T-GS 0.8 DC- 20 4.5 12
MS-W-203 SELFSHIELD 722228 A5.36M: E71T11-AZ-CS3-H8 1.2 DC- 24 5.0 8