Product information

The distinctive red chafe guards of Timm have been protecting rope assets since 2012. These high tenacity guards are suitable for all rope types (except steel wire). OCIMF states that a rope's ability to "resist external abrasion damage may be improved by the addition of an abrasion resistant overall jacket". It will also "serve to protect from UV exposure".
These can be easily installed and can provide an instant defensive barrier against sharp surfaces and edges. The heat resistant properties of polyester, will also shield your rope from excessive frictional heat build-up.
Poorly maintained fairleads and chocks can also severly harm the service life of your mooring lines. Timm would suggest in such circumstances, applying a chafe guard to reduce destructive cutting.
The Timm Chafe Guard is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkali, electrolytes, oxidising agents and remains stable in aqueous acids and non-polar solvents. They are cold and frost resistant (rot-proof) and are easily fixed into place with 1m lines at each end and an extra durable velcro lining.


  • Suitable for all rope types, except steel wire
  • 100% high tenacity polyester
  • Customised sizes
  • High melting point (260°C)


  • Easy to install
  • Eye-catching
  • Rot-proof
  • Lightweight, with a smooth surface
  • Excellent UV and heat resistance


Ordering information

Acera Amundsen Timm Master DaGama
Part number Part description From [mm] To [mm] From [mm] To [mm] From [mm] To [mm]
411255 TIMM CHAFE GUARD W65 3m 16 25 16 22 16 22
411256 (supersedes 410195) TIMM CHAFE GUARD W76 3m 26 38 23 32 23 32
411257 TIMM CHAFE GUARD W90 3m 39 44 33 38 33 40
411258 (supersedes 410199, 410215) TIMM CHAFE GUARD W100 3m 45 68 39 45 41 56
411259 (supersedes 410207, 410203) TIMM CHAFE GUARD W125 3m 69 82 46 64 57 68
411260 (supersedes 410912, 410914) TIMM CHAFE GUARD W150 3m 83 102 65 81 69 96