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Acera daGama SBA™ is the safest jacketed HMPE mooring rope on the market, and reduces dangerous snap back by utilizing the Timm Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™) technology. In November 2022, DNV awarded the Snap Back Arrestor a statement of qualified technology, following the successful completion of an extensive test program, performed in accordance with DNV’s recommended practice A203.

This rope is made from genuine Acera™ HMPE yarns, offering superior strength to weight ratio, and exceptional abrasion resistance due to our unique coating process and optimized construction. The daGama further improves the resilience of the rope by adding a polyester/HMPE cover to protect the rope form external abrasion.

Due to its compactness, Acera daGama is a preferred option for single drum winches, and the integrated sand filter makes it an ideal solution for ports and operations where dirt and particles can harm the rope.


  • Snap back arrestor, Timm SBA™
  • Floating
  • Sand filter - protecting the rope core against particle ingress
  • Single yarn coating
  • Excellent UV resistance


  • Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™) integrated, reducing dangerous snap back and providing the safest possible working conditions for your crew.
  • Sand filter integrated, protecting the ropes from dangerous particles and iron ore penetrating and possibly damaging the ropes.
  • Vessel specific mooring line certificate, ensuring you are compliant with regulations such as OCIMF MEG4 and SIRE 2.0, RightShip RISQ 2.0, SOLAS, and Intertanko.
  • Single yarn coating process contributing to our excellent abrasion and UV resistance.
  • Type approved by DNV and ClassNK
  • Acera Supereye integrated


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Type Approved Product by DNV and ClassNK. This product is produced according to ISO 9554 and tested according to ISO 2307 and OCIMF MEG4. The Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™) technology is qualified by DNV.