Product information

Our most recognized product to date, long admired as a premium, mixed polymer rope solution. Timm Master 8 is a flexible and easily handled product made from our Timm Signal B5 polyolefin yarn and high tenacity polyester and has long been admired as a premium, mixed polymer mooring rope.

Master ropes offers a low cost of ownership, very good abrasion properties, excellent UV resistance, are floating and has good elongation properties. Timm Master 8 are compliant with OCIMF MEG 4 and SIRE 2.0, RightShip RISQ 2.0, SOLAS, Intertanko.


  • 8-strand braided construction
  • Floating
  • UV stabilised


  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Type approval from DNV
  • Meets all OCIMF requirements


Ordering information


Type Approved Product by DNV. This product is produced according to ISO 9554 and tested according to ISO 2307 and OCIMF MEG4. Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) is according to ISO 10556 and verified by DNV.