Product information

The kit comes with:

• 1 x Monitoring Unit MPU6C • 4 x Detector New MP-DS-HFC-4000 (Product number: 708042) • 1 x Red combined flash/siren Fl-RL-R-SEP (Product number: 708052) • 2 x 100m halogen free cable 3x0.75mm2 (Product number: 708053)

Note: recommended maximum distance between monitor and detector is 50m.

The monitoring unit MPU6C can be connected to up to 6 detectors with an option to add 2 more. It can display operating statuses and alarm information independently for each channel via LEDs. They are suitable for monitoring all HFC and HFO refrigerants.

The detector is supplied with default alarm thresholds (as stated on page 4). Please refer to the graphs in APPENDIX 1 to identify the corresponding PPM levels for Alarm A, B and C based on the refrigerant type.

To set, verify or change the alarm thresholds, you need a service tool DT300 complete with sensor module and a screwdriver. Full details regarding custom alarm set-points for a range of gases together with a detailed procedure are outlined in specific data sheets. Multiple gases and alarm set-points can be accommodated on a single MPU as each channel is totally independent.

The diagnostic tool DT300 and the sensor module SM300-Self Sense must be ordered separately (refer to related products). They can be used for commissioning, calibration, and annual functional check (required by EN 378) without the need for calibration gas.


  • Easily monitor operating statuses remotely through relay output
  • Clear visual displays show alarm statuses independently for each channel via LEDs
  • Flexibility to monitor different refrigerants with up to 3 configurable alarm concentrations
  • Fail-safe monitoring with inbuilt buzzer and ready output for siren use
  • User-friendly design for maintenance e.g. built-in self-test feature, service mode and easy calibration with diagnostic tool


Safety of crew members - round the clock monitoring and alarm. Alerts ship crew in case of emergency.

Cost-saving - Minimise refrigerant loss and reduce operating costs.

Time-saving - Product and spares can be delivered together with other marine products from WSS.

Regulatory compliance - Complies with major regulatory bodies such as F-gas Regulation, EPA, Marpol Annex VI, LR ECO Class notation and ABS ES Notation.

Environmentally Friendly - Enables early detection and minimise the release of harnly GHGs into the atmosphere.