Product information

Under normal circumstances, the lifetime of the sensor in the detector is up to 5 years. As a preventive measure, ship owners are advised to plan for sensor replacements when it is reaching 5 years in operation.

For the replacement of a faulty sensor, ship owners may go with the same sensor in their existing system, either SEN004 or SEN027 (SELF SENSE).

For the 5-year sensor replacement, we recommend that ship owners use only the new sensor, SEN027 (SELF SENSE), for the entire leak monitoring system.


  • Easy to calibrate with Diagnostic Tool DT300
  • Quick response time
  • Long lifetime (5 years)
  • Backward compatible with existing installations where older sensor, SEN004 is used.
  • Additional filter that blocks contaminants which may cause false alarm
  • Reduce sensitivity to humidity and short term peaks.


  • 90% lesser false alarm
  • Cover all HFC and HFO refrigerants
  • Available at the same price as old SEN004 sensor.