Product information

This product supersedes product no: 773150

The kit gives results for crankcase and other lubricants in a very short time, normally about 5 minutes. Designed for testing lubricants with TBN up to 150. The results may be used as an in-service check of depleting TBN to the equilibrium value.

Unitor Digital Cell provides a refreshed, but familiar, interface with the addition of smart features to enhance the user experience over previous versions of the product. Unitor Digital Cell can continue to function as an offline instrument for single measurements and is able to be operated without smart features until the user chooses to do so. Unitor Digital Cell can be configured when connected to most personal computers (PC) – Windows and Mac. Sample points and test locations are labelled as Sample Point IDentification (SPID). This creates structure to measurements and ensures no data is accidentally missed. Results are saved to Unitor Digital Cell and can then be imported into a PC. The SPID approach creates an easily retrievable sample point and test history. Setup can include real-time feedback and alarms for optimal monitoring.


  • TBN digital cell
  • 100 mL plastic beaker
  • 10 mL disposable syringe
  • Disposable plastic gloves
  • TBN reagent pack
  • Manual TBN test kit


  • Excellent way of analysing Total Baes Number
  • Reliable result in a few minutes
  • One reagent only (patented by Unitor)
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Simple cleaning with water after use