Product information

Unitorâ„¢ Cold Corrosion test goes beyond other cylinder oil tests, which give a total iron figure, by providing users with an accurate measure of the parts per million (PPM) value of Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in used scrape down oil, corresponding to the wear attributable to cold corrosion.

Using a colour-matching test the Unitor Cold Corrosion Test Kit alters the colour of an oil sample, indicating the concentration of non-ferrous iron compounds. The resulting colour is matched to a reference colour wheel that provides a measurement of the corrosive wear present in the sample.

When used in conjunction with ferro-magnetic analysers, such as Unitorâ„¢ Ferrous Wear Meter, the exact wear conditions within the cylinder chamber can be monitored and corrective action taken when higher levels of wear are observed.


  • Excellent correlation between field measurements and lab Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) results (see graph)
  • Monitors products of corrosion that cannot be detected magnetically
  • Each test is simple, cost effective and quick (<5 minutes) to complete


  • Provides early warning that cold corrosion is underway
  • Gives a running commentary on internal corrosion as the operator adjusts the cylinder liner jacket temperature or oil feed rate