Product information

A rugged, simple, easy to use instrument provides instant, accurate measurements of ferrous wear content on the units screen. Contained in a fully portable case, its rugged design is ideal for testing and analysing oil samples both on-board, in the field or in the laboratory.

A sample of oil is placed in the supplied 5 mL test tube and this is inserted into the instrument. No further sample preparation is required and the ferrous debris content is displayed instantly on the easy to read screen, providing you with a quick, simple and clean method of analysis. Simple graphical instructions are displayed on the screen, requiring little or no training for users to operate.

By trending of ferrous wear measurements over time, any increase in wear levels can be monitored and appropriate actions taken to mitigate any damage. Machinery degradation can be observed as it happens and machines serviced as and when they need to be, rather than on a time or hours of operation basis, saving cost and manpower

The FWM is constructed using a sophisticated magnetometer adapted for field applications. A 5 ml test tube, filled with the sample, is placed directly in the hole in the instrument and its metallic content, in PPM, is displayed on the screen in less than 2 seconds.


  • Suitable for testing on-board, on-site or in remote locations.
  • Simple, easy to operate instrument requiring minimal training.
  • Direct reading in PPM on the LCD screen within 2 seconds


  • Gives you a quick answer on the wear in your engine
  • Your crew can easily do the test within minutes with minimal training