Product information

This product supersedes product no: 749770

The Unitor™ Panamax™ Cargo Hold cleaning kit is ideal for use on board all bulk carriers equipped with a working air compressor that delivers minimum 2 m³/min.

The equipment is also suitable for cleaning of superstructure or offshore rigs.

The equipment has, depending on the air on board, a reach of up to 25m using the foam nozzle which enables the crew to work from the tank top without the use of cranes or scaffolding even on a Panamax size vessel. By using the guide wire kit (included) this reach may be further extended for use on board cape size vessels.

Supplied with

  • Chemical Pressure tank 155
  • Long reach lance - 6 m
  • Nozzle kit with 3 different nozzles (standard, foam and slip coat)
  • Dual T bar nozzle for Slip Coat
  • Tornado 3 Cleaning Jet
  • Tripod with clamp- and wheel kit
  • 2" Water supply hose - 45 m with Storz C couplings
  • Medusa Air Distributor
  • 1/2" Air supply hose - 50 m with Unitor quick couplings
  • 1/2" Air supply hose - 50 m with Unitor quick couplings
  • 1/2" Air supply hose - 50 m with Unitor quick couplings
  • 3/4" Chemical hose - 50 m with Unitor quick couplings
  • Drum wrench
  • 600 L plastic container of 100 % recycled plastic (Nordic Ecolabel) (2 pieces)
  • Chemical protection suit incl. goggles and gloves (replacement for 576853)
  • User manual / Cargo Cleaning Quick Guide


  • Simple to use - 6 m lance applies foaming chemicals from the tank top
  • Fast - covers up to 150 m2/min of bulkheads with foaming chemicals
  • Supplied with Tornado 3 jet
  • Designed for panamax sized or cape sized vessels


  • Fast and efficient cleaning solution reduces turnaround time in port
  • Simplicity through simple assembly and clear instructions
  • Safe in use and no need for cranes
  • Easy to maneuver on tank top due to mobile design.



Directions for use

Always wear safety protection during operations. Refer to full user manual and SDS for each chemical and product used.

Note! All Cargo Hold Cleaning Equipment must be rinsed with fresh water immediately after use and before storage. If equipment is not rinsed with fresh water after use, aggressive chemicals can cause damage to equipment.