Product information

The Unitor™ HPCE Anaconda Lance Kit enables the crew to clean persistent cargo stains in high-elevated areas, hence the demand of cleaning contractors or shore gangs can be reduced to a minimum.

It is connected to the Unitor™ HPCE 520 Inox, which delivers up to 500bar water pressure to the rotating nozzle up to 20m height. In conjunction with the new HPCE Heating Unit the water temperature can be increased over 100°C which provides excellent cleaning results for oily deposits. Combined with Unitor™ cargo hold cleaning products, guiding tools and uniquely formulated chemicals Wilhelmsen provides the full cargo hold cleaning solutions for your needs.

Content: 9 lance sections (Note: we recommend 7 sections for better handling and stability and 2 sections are included as spare), connections, fittings, Spray handle, Powerspeed nozzle with spare kit, 25m HPCE hose, lifting equipment and instruction manual

Excluded are additional connection hoses and connection nipples; these need to be ordered separately dependent on the desired distance between the HPCE 520 / Heating unit to the Anaconda lance. Ideally it is being used after chemical cleaning with the Unitor™ Compact or Panamax Cargo Hold cleaning kit where persistent cargo stains could not be removed.


  • Light weight
  • Adjustable lenght up to 20m
  • Designed for our Unitor™ HPCE range
  • Includes the Powerspeed rotating nozzle, Trigger gun and lifting accessories


  • Removes stubborn dirt, coal, cement deposits and petcoke stains
  • Reach high elevated areas
  • Saving cleaning time and cleaning detergent
  • Can be combined with Unitor™ HPCE Heating Unit