Product information

A convenient package that consist of the basic key essential personal protective equipment suitable for the safe handling and application of cleaning chemicals on board.

Supplied with

The Safe Chemical Handling Protection PPE Kit consists of:

  • Chemical resistant splash proof apron : unique multi-layer non woven barrier laminate fabric, robust textile feel and exceptional barrier to chemical splashes. Tie fastening to waist and 100cm long tie fastening.
  • Nitrile long gloves (a pair): High performance nitrile composition, suitable for heavy duty cleaning. EN 374 Type A chemical resistance, shielding up to elbow, and ANSI and EN level 4 abrasion resistance.
  • Face shield clear with head mount: Safe, practical, economical Integral visor fitting ensures extra protection against chemical.
  • Chemical goggles clear: Superior anti-fog treatment, and ultra soft PVC frame ensure a comfortable wear for long working days. Anti scratch coating for added durability. Designed to protect the eyes of the workers from injuries.
  • Plastic Container for easy storage & transport on board vessels.


  • Complete protective equipment for 1 crew member engaged in handling and cleaning operation with chemicals.
  • High splash protection against chemicals
  • Comes with a clear plastic container for easy recognition, convenient and storage
  • Your preferred complete 1st line of defense against any chemical splashes kit


  • Exceptional chemical protection: over 200 chemicals permeation tested.
  • Excellent durability and tough
  • Good for heavy duty uses
  • Elevated comfort: light weight for long uses
  • CE certified
  • Conveniently packed in a kit