Product information

This product supersedes product no: 624593

The FRL unit strains the air, traps solid particles (dust, dirt, rust), and separates any liquids (water, oil) in the compressed air which improves an air system's service life, safety, and reliability.


  • The unit is compact and the stainless steel frame (316 SST) gives exceptionally good protection of the fragile parts in case of tip-over
  • The low centre of gravity of the unit increases stability and the Unitor series 400 stainless quick couplings at both inlet and outlet simplifies operation
  • The FRL unit also features outlet by-passing the lubricator for oil free air for example during plasma cutting.


  • Unitor airline unit lowers the maintenance costs and adds years of trouble free operation to every air operated tool
  • Inlet connection 400 UPM 1/2" quick coupling
  • Outlet connection 400 USM 1/2" quick coupling (Lub oil side)
  • Outlet connection 3/8" Female (Dry side)