Shipboard Environmental Management Systems Incorporating ISO 14001

Though shipping is one of the most efficient and environmentally benign modes of transport, a small number of shipping accidents have tarnished this image.
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Public awareness, pressure groups and legal directives have forced Shipping companies to have a second look at their Environment Management practices and adopt ways to minimize pollution. Leading shipping companies are now beginning to seek ISO 14001 certification for their offices and for their ships. These companies are also rewarded with better business prospects and surprisingly even cost benefits.

IMTC has taken the lead in designing a course to suit the industry requirements and raise the awareness level of sea-going staff in Environmental Management Systems. Even the management staff of shipping companies would stand to benefit from attending this course. The focus of the course is the management aspect and ISO 14001. It is not intended to give any specific training on interpretations of Marpol or any legislation. 

Course Objective:

On completion of this course a participant will get an overview of the ISO 14001 Standard and understand how to participate proactively in his company's EMS

Duration: 1 day

Suggested Target Group: All Navigating, Engineering and Catering Officers

Course Contents:

  • Main Environmental issues in Shipping.
  • Introduction to International Standards and ISO 14000 series.
  • ISO 14001 Standard.
  • Workshop on identification of Aspects, Impacts, Objectives and Targets.
  • Environmental Management Systems of a Shipping Company.