Training for Onboard Trainers

On-board training for seafarers is a vital component of competency development necessary for superior performance.
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On-board training for seafarers is a vital component of competency development necessary for superior performance. Real life experience in the work environment is a very effective leaning methodology.

The STCW 2010 Code as also the ISM Code recognize the value of such training and have placed the responsibility of conducting such training on the Management Level staff on board.

The TFOT Course has been designed to develop the training and assessment skills of senior management on board. In this Course, the participants are trained to be able to identify the training needs of their subordinates and to effectively bridge the gap between desired and existing competencies using appropriate training methods and resources available on board. Further they are trained to carry out assessment of the trainee to ensure that the training objectives are achieved. 

The course addresses the competency required by STCW Code (2010) Table AII/2 and A-III/2 (Knowledge of Shipboard Training) and is based on the guidelines given in IMO Model courses 6.09 (Training Course for Instructors) and 1.30 (On board Assessment). 

The course meets the requirements of STCW Code 2010 Section A-I/6 in respect of qualification of Instructors, supervisors and assessors for On-board training & Assessment (except Simulator training).

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand ways and means to identify the training needs of his subordinates onboard.
  • Identify suitable training methods to bridge the performance gap by training onboard
  • Conduct, monitor, evaluate and support training onboard.
  • Conduct assessment of the training conducted. 

Duration :     2 days (13 hours @ 6.5 hours/day)

Suggested Target Group: Management level officers onboard (Master, Chief  Engineer, Chief Officer and Second Engineer.)

Course Contents:

  • Regulatory requirement for onboard training
  • Learning process and factors affecting it
  • Workshop on learning blockages and learning styles.
  • Training need analysis and Workshop on performance evaluation and existing competence of subordinates.
  • Practical exercise on designing and developing a Training module.
  • Training delivery - Use of various training aids & training methods.
  • Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Mentoring.