Engine Machinery Maintenance Workshop (EMMW)

In the existing times of minimum manning on board vessels, with increasing challenges to maintain various machineries under the tight schedules;
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a skilled engineer has to continuously enhance his technological skills, with an appropriate assessment and evaluation process to guide him. A Junior engineer and/or a newly promoted 4/E may have little or no practical, hands-on experience of Aux. engine and other important machinery maintenance routines, repairs, inspection and evaluation processes. 

This workshop based, practical oriented course, is designed to improve the participant’s skills in following the procedures and safe practices required during overhauling some of the important auxiliary machineries and auxiliary diesel engine. It allows him to gain confidence, estimate time and manpower requirements in the maintenance of equipment commonly placed under his care. It will make him understand the problem faced by crew members in certain equipments and tasks and be able to appreciate the need for co-coordinated teamwork.

Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, the participant will:
Acquire the practical knowledge in overhauling of various types of pumps, centrifugal purifier, air compressor, and complete overhauling of aux. engine components by following the instructions given in the manufacturers manuals.  

Duration: 6 days

Suggested Target Group: Any staff of the engine department and other ranks as per client’s requirements.

Course Contents:

  • Practical use of tools, precision measuring instruments such as Vernier calliper, micrometer and dial gauge.
  • Overhauling and alignment of centrifugal pumps (single and multistage), gear pump.
  • Overhauling of Purifier (Alfa Laval S946 / Mitsubishi Selfjector SJ-10T).
  • Overhauling of Air Compressor (Sauer & Sohn / Tanabe).
  • Routines and overhauling of Aux. engine (Daihatsu) including Cylinder Liner, Piston assembly, Cylinder head fittings, Bottom end bearing, Fuel pump, Fuel valve and also checking and evaluating various measurements including c/shaft deflections.