Safety Management Systems Course (SMGT)

Effective implementation of the Company’s Safety Management System on board is at the core of ISM Code compliance.
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This course provides the participants a thorough understanding of the S.M.S., with special emphasis on operational procedures, ‘continual improvement’ elements, and the audit processes. It includes an extensive workshop on the use of Company-specific shipboard documentation through the use of electronic application (DOCMAP).

The Course can be customized for any Company, using their S.M.S documentation.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the concept of Quality Management as per ISO 9001-2015 Q.M.S.
  • To review the ISM Code and its compliance through the Safety Management System
  • To gain a thorough understanding of and familiarity with Company policies and procedures and the shipboard documentation of the Company’s S.M.S., including the use of electronic applications (DOCMAP) for shipboard S.M.S.
  • To make useful contribution to the ‘continual improvement’ of the S.M.S. through system reviews, non-conformity reporting, and the audit processes including Audit & Inspection reporting.
  • To be updated with the Company’s organization structure, the roles and responsibilities of key persons, in particular the DPA.

Duration: 3 Days  

Suggested Target Group: All Management and Operational level staff on board  

Course Contents:

  • Update on the Company’s organization structure, and its key personnel.
  • Quality Management and the ISO 9001: 2015 QMS
  • Co-relation between Quality Management and Safety Management Systems
  • Structure of a Safety Management System; Familiarization with the ‘Governing Documents’ Module of DOCMAP
  • Company Policies and Vision Statements
  • The Designated Person – role and responsibility.
  • Procedural requirements for key shipboard operations and maintenance of ship & equipment.
  • Shipboard review of SMS - process and follow-up.
  • Non-conformity reporting process and follow-up. Exercise on Non-conformity reporting, and Audit & Inspection reporting using the ‘Observation Module’ of DOCMAP.
  • Handling of internal and external audit processes; Following up on audit findings.
  • Effective use of the COMPAS Work and Rest Hours onboard module. 
  • Familiarization with Security Audit.
  • Familiarization with the Company’s S.M.S. through a workshop on the use of shipboard documentation, including Company forms and checklists, using DOCMAP