ISF/ Marlins English Language Test

Ship owners as a rule like to employ staff who are competent in English. Without doubt English is the lingua-franca of the maritime world.
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Though Indian officers by and large have good knowledge of the English language, we find that some of our ratings are not up to the mark.

IMTC has joined hands with Marlins of UK to help employers determine the language competency of a seafarer quickly and at a reasonable cost. It is a multiple choice computer-based test which selects 95 questions from a bank of questions. Questions are generally marine related. The test assesses listening, general comprehension and practical skills. The company concerned can set pass/fail standard. This test has been developed by ISF (International Shipping Federation) and Marlins (UK).

IMTC is a MCA UK approved test centre.  Cost: INR 2832/-

For seafarers who are lacking in English and who are sincerely interested in improving their English language skills, we can source Marlins study packs 1 & 2 (at no extra cost) from Marlins, UK.