Celebrating 25 years in gas ship management

Wilhelmsen Ship Management hosted a jubilee celebration with loyal customers in Tokyo, where it all began.
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On 3 April 2019, more than 50 invited guests and media friends attended an exclusive celebration marking Wilhelmsen Ship Management's 25 years in the gas segment at Ascott Marunochi Tokyo. 

The guests consist of long-time customers, some who have been with us when we began our gas journey in 1994. They expressed their congratulations and were overjoyed to be part of our celebrations.

A special award ceremony was held to show appreciation to two veteran crew who have been sailing for a long 25 years on gas vessels managed by Wilhelmsen Ship Management. The crews' wives were invited to witness the ceremony, making it an even more memorable occasion.   

During the sessions, guests and speakers continuously engaged in dialogues on maritime concerns and best practices to share experiences and knowledge for the sustainability of the gas industry. Everyone enjoyed the pace of the seminar as speakers took the audience into the past, present, near future and further future of our ship management story. 

Watch (share and re-post) the video of the seminar for snippets of speaker sessions, award ceremony and a few words of affirmation from our customers:

It all began in 1994

A 25-year history in making

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