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    holding hands

    The Tale of a Seafarer's Wife

    The life of a seafarer certainly has its challenges, and one of it is being away from your family for long periods of time. But imagine being the wife of a seafarer and having to part with your husband for weeks or sometimes even months. Normally, this would

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    rope live testing

    Why not all anti snap-back rope solutions are equally engineered

    Vessel mooring remains one of the most dangerous tasks crew and port workers can undertake. Ship operators need anti snap-back solutions that are tested and reliable to make the mooring operations safer for the ship crew. Our technical product manager and

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    In Conversation with the Chief Engineer for Yara Birkeland

    It's not every day that you get to work for something that has the title, "the world's first". So, when the chance arose, Bjørnar Flaa knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime. This is because Bjørnar would be working on the world's first fully electric and

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    The Captain, The Princess and The Life of a Seafarer

    I am a positive person, and I believe that being positive affects our outlook in life,” Captain Nitin Malkani shares. It was apparent from our call that he’s someone who is very composed, an indispensable trait especially when working in COVID times. Captain

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    Reaching High 2

    Flying High with a Career at Sea

    Choosing the seafarers life is not so common choice for young people nowadays due to many factors including being away from home for long periods of time. Nevertheless, the charms of sailing and exploring the world continue to appeal to a small fraction of those

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    Selecting the right rope - Why should you be looking at LDBF?

    In the history of ship mooring, diameter has often been the only criterium in the selection of ropes. Today, it is still commonly used to compare mooring ropes, with common advice being that thicker ropes should be chosen for heavier vessels. The article examines

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    new gen welding and cutting tech article image

    Maximising productivity, efficiency, and safety in your shipboard repair operations

    In the maritime industry, pivoting to more efficient and effective technology will enable ship operators to achieve the benefits of improved productivity and reducing the risk of disruption to ship operations. Read more here. Shipboard welding and cutting

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    Responsible refrigeration on ships – Enabling you to comply with regulations and reduce carbon emissions

    According to the 4th IMO GHG Study, the estimated annual loss of refrigerants from shipping in 2018 resulted in 18.2 million tonnes in CO2 emissions. Refrigerant leaks result in more energy needed to deliver the necessary level of cooling, and could contribute

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    plasma cutting

    5 steps to safer plasma cutting

    cutting is an increasingly popular metal working tool due its versatility in cutting all types of electrically conductive materials and low heat input, with minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) width. It is vital to have a clear understanding of the equipment and

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    Hatch Cover

    Cargo Hold Preparation and Cargo Loss Prevention

    Bulk Carrier, the Work Horse of the Sea! Bulk carriers play an important role in the maritime industry. They move massive cargo from one point to another. To ensure a smooth process, it is critical to prepare the cargo hold each time these bulk carriers make