The Wilhelmsen group consists of a diverse portfolio of maritime related companies operating on six continents. We have the world’s largest maritime network with 262 offices in 69 countries on call 24/7, and deliver products and services to more than 50% of the merchant fleet. We enable sustainable global trade.

Nationalities and females

At the end of 2017, in the entities included in the scope of this report, there were 14 628 employees, 5 168 onshore and 9 460 seafarers. Over 82 nationalities are represented in Wilhelmsen’s global onshore operations, with Norway, Malaysia and India representing the top three populations in size. Females represent 36% of the onshore population, and 1% of the seafarer population. The turnover rate for employees in the group was 4.32% in 2017, down from 8.45% in 2016.

Turnover and management

In 2017, 83% (20 out of 24) of the senior management teams at the main office locations in Oslo, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore were from the local communities. 17% (4 out of 24) of these senior management team positions were held by women. Senior management teams are defined as the top two levels in each company included in the scope of this report. 

Wilhelmsen aim to enrich the group with diversity and we will continue to include diversity criteria in our talent programs.