Investor relations policy

As a public company listed on Oslo Børs, we endeavour to have an open and active dialogue with investors, analysts and other financial stakeholders.

We comply with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 July 2019. 


English is the main language for disclosure of financial information and other investor information.

Publication of information

Wilhelmsen will publish interim reports each quarter in addition to half-yearly and annual reports. Financial reports will be published on the same day as approved by the board.

Periodic financial reports will include a summary outlook for the next period.

Information on the Wilhelmsen website

The main source of financial information about the Wilhelmsen group is the "Investors" section of the Wilhelmsen website. This section includes among other information on investor relations policy, largest shareholders, share price, dividend policy and history, registrar, analysts, debt, financial reports and presentations, financial calendar, NewsWeb publications, and investor relations contact.

Main governing elements are available under the "About Wilhelmsen" section of the Wilhelmsen website. This section includes among other information on articles of association, board of directors, senior executives, code of conduct, and general meetings.

Company news are available on the "Media centre" section of the Wilhelmsen website.  

We do not consider it appropriate to maintain a list of beneficial owners.

We do not publish research and estimates made by brokering firms/analysts.  

A list of primary Wilhelmsen insiders is available on the Wilhelmsen section of the Euronext website. Trades made by primary insiders and flagging announcements are published on newsweb.oslobors.no. This information is not separately disclosed on the Wilhelmsen website.

Wilhelmsen has not published a full financial strategy, but has a policy of consistent communication of financial performance and ratios. General information on the group debt financing is provided in a separate section of the "Investors" section of the Wilhelmsen website, but we do not publish details on individual loans.

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