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Staying compliant with RISQ 2.0 for welding safety

With the new RISQ 2.0 update, pressure regulators and flashback arrestors must be inspected annually and replaced every five years after the manufacturing date to prevent degradation and leakage. When was the last time you conducted an inspection? Find out how you can stay compliant.
RISQ 2.0

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Chris Teoh, Senior Product Manager – Welding & Repair


Both pressure regulators and flashback arrestors are vital tools in enhancing the safe use of compressed gases like oxygen and acetylene on ships.

Pressure regulators reduce high cylinder pressures to safer levels while flashback arrestors stop reverse flow and flashbacks. The risk of fire due to incorrect use of compressed gases and equipment must be avoided at all costs. Fires or explosions onboard vessels are especially dangerous as they can, in the worst case, destroy an entire vessel and cause harm to the crew.

The RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ) was recently updated with new guidelines on equipment use to further improve Bulk Carrier safety.

RISQ 2.0 update – what does the change mean for welding safety onboard Bulk Carriers?

In June 2022, RightShip issued the new RISQ 2.0, which states that pressure regulators and flashback (flame) arrestors should be inspected annually, and the inspection data logged, and that they should be replaced every five years. This follows the recommendation of the British Compressed Gases Association’s Code of Practice CP7 guideline. Manufacturers’ advice should also be considered.

Furthermore, all AC-OX Gas Distribution System piping and hoses should be colour-coded as follows, i.e., blue for oxygen, red for acetylene. The AC-OX twin gas hoses must be approved with the appropriate EN standard marking. Twin gas hoses should also be crimp-fitted or fitted with “Clamp 1 Ear” type clamps for all joints.

A Non-Return Valve (NRV) or flashback arrestor must also be fitted before torch connection. With safety and compliance in mind, ship owners should always select equipment from reputable suppliers.

Replace pressure regulators and flashback arrestors every five years after the manufacturing date to prevent degradation and leakage.


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