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5 steps to safer plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is an increasingly popular metal working tool due its versatility in cutting all types of electrically conductive materials and low heat input, with minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) width. It is vital to have a clear understanding of the equipment and how to operate it safely. So here’s our five steps for safer plasma cutting.

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Chris Teoh , Global Product Manager – Welding & Tools Solution


Plasma cutting is economical, safe, efficient and can be an effective backup cutting and gouging tool when oxy-acetylene gas cylinder supplies are difficult to obtain. But despite its merits, like most tools, let alone one that works at 20,000°C, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the equipment and how to operate it safely. Here’s our recommended five steps for safer plasma cutting.


Install an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) at the main power supply



Read and understand the operation manual before use



Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



Conduct a job safety analysis and get a permit



Regular or periodic maintenance 


To read more, download the pdf article here.

Safer plasma cutting with Unitor Plasma cutters

In order to ensure a higher level of safety for users, all our Unitor plasma cutters are designed with built in safety features and in accordance to the stringent requirements of EN 60974, EN 61000 and EN 60529 regarding design and construction, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements and ingress protection as per IEC standards. They are further approved for CE and RoHS directives. 

Please reach out for more information: https://www.wilhelmsen.com/product-catalogue/products/welding/arc-welding-equipment/arc-weldingcutting-machines/


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