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Offshore: Oil Solutions

As the demands on fuel continue to change, the Unitor™ FuelPower and DieselPower range help you meet the challenges now and in the future.

Challenges with propulsion engines, fuel tanks, corrosion, filters and diesel-powered generators are often related to the fuels used, and not the engine mechanics directly. This underlines the need for fuel treatment to be an integrated part of your maintenance. Reducing downtime, increasing operational stability and eradicating costly breakdowns and repairs is all part of strengthening your operational efficiency and HSE. We can help you achieve these objectives in your offshore operations.

Our Unitor™ FuelPower and DieselPower range has been developed together with the offshore and maritime industry. The range improve fuel performance and efficiency, reduce the risk of problems down the line, and do so more cost-effectively than ever before.

Fuel Oil Treatment – Diesel Oil

Distillates fuels used in propulsion engines and diesel-powered generators are prone to deterioration through temperature and oxidation, contamination from microorganisms and exposure to UV light - which again causes gum formation, sedimentation and colour changes. Prolonged "storage" of the fuel in for example emergency/backup systems, further deteriorates the fuel. The refiners only add protection to the fuel for a short period and after this, the fuel is left unprotected from deterioration. When operating in harsh and changing environments, we know from industry experience that bacteria growth (microorganism contamination) is an especially common problem for offshore operators. We have thus developed a specially designed biocide to eradicate this challenge - DieselPower Mar 71. This biocide is part of a new product range – Unitor DieselPower – specifically for designed for distillates. A series of advanced formulations helps to keep your fuels bright, stable and trouble-free, with fewer problems and lower costs in operation. 

Fuel Oil Treatment - Heavy Oil

Most problems with heavy fuels are related to fuel compatibility. The compatibility becomes a problem in the fuel tanks as sediments are formed and thereafter follow the fuel system causing sludge problems in the separator and the filters. Although heavy fuel consumption is limited and inherent challenges thus less frequent, they do occur. To help meet these challenges our new Unitor FuelPower range applies the most advanced technologies to make certain you can continue to use today's heavy fuels with confidence.

Fuel Oil Treatment - Test Kits

Given the variable quality of fuels today, on board testing is a sure way to ascertain problems that arise due to inconsistency in quality. Our range of fuel testing equipment allows the crew to get an immediate insight into the state of the fuel – quickly, simply and accurately. Challenges such as excess water in the fuel, increased density, bacterial formation, seawater contamination, changes in viscosity and insoluble in distillate fuels as well as water in lubricating oil, can be determined early by testing. Where problems are indicated, the appropriate fuel treatment can be applied immediately to restore quality and ensure operational efficiency.

  • Biocides for micro organism contamination
  • Enhancers to stop fuel deterioration/oxidation
  • Lubricity enhancers to improve performance
  • Demulsifiers to remove water from cont. fuel
  • Conditioners for unstable/incompatible fuels
  • CFPP to prevent waxation in cold environments

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