Offshore Gases and Cylinders

Offshore: Gases and Cylinders

Across the offshore industry, the pressure is on. Against a backdrop of constantly changing regulations, our main focus is to ensure that essential gases and refrigerants are supplied, transported, stored and used safely in compliance with the latest regulations.

We operate the world’s largest global network of distribution, re-filling, maintenance and exchange of gas and refrigerant cylinders. In addition to this, we provide you with transportation racks and manifold racks for safe handling during transport/storage.

Transportation Racks & Cylinder/Rack Exchange

For safe handling, transport and storage of gas cylinder, we provide certified rental racks in compliance with DNV 2.7-1. Each rack holds X16 cylinders and both rack and cylinder are barcoded for tracking. WSS also facilitate the required 3rd party rack inspection every 12 and 48 month. The rack can be equipped with an IMDG certified manifold with a single central outlet. The latter feature is optional and available up on request. With respect to the Unitor™ cylinders, we ensure the quality through a continuous and rigid maintenance and quality assurance program. We track and trace each individual cylinder through barcodes and offer a worldwide cylinder exchange program. Send us your empty cylinders and we will swap them with pre-filled new cylinders at your convenience. If desired, and preferable with respect to safe handling, an equal exchange of cylinders should be practiced by using our transport racks. Consolidation of your gases and rack supply creates savings through a single procurement process, one logistic operation and the use of standardised high quality products. 

  • 200 cylinder stocking points
  • Manufactured to international standard
  • Global tracking and tracing system (unitrak)
  • Unique valves - safety & standardisation
  • Frequently tested and re-qualified

Industrial Gases

We supply all essential gases from welding gases with oxygen and acetylene to shield gas (argon) and inert gas (nitrogen). We also supply a wide range of gases for specialised demands like carbon dioxide, helium and propane. For calibration of critical sensors, we also provide a wide range of span gases. In addition, we support your offshore gas requirement when blanketing, purging, leakage testing and performing system commissioning. 

  • Welding gases (acetylene, oxygen, argon etc.)
  • Span gases for calibration (propane/hydrogen etc.)
  • Medical gases (breathing oxygen)
  • Leakage testing gases (helium)
  • Purging & blanketing gases (nitrogen etc.)

Refrigerants & Products

We offer a wide range of high quality Unitor™ refrigerants and equipment to your offshore operations. The Unicool range of refrigerants is available worldwide from the Arctic to Macae. Our refrigerants are quality assured and comes with Low ODP and GWP to ensure compliance to rules and regulations. The range consists of quality refrigerants such as R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-407F, R410A, R-417A, R22 and many more. In addition, we offer refrigeration recovery packages, handy refrigeration tools, duct air treatments and water coolers stations.

  • Quality refrigerants (404a, 407c, 134a etc.)
  • Refrigeration recovery package
  • Refrigeration tools
  • Duct air treatment
  • Drinking water cooler

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