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Offshore: Cleaning Solutions

Providing cleaning chemicals, equipment and dosing application to cover the essential needs of offshore rigs, installations and vessels.

We offer cleaning chemicals, equipment and dosing application to cover the essential needs of offshore rigs, installations and vessels. We protect your assets and support your operations so you can focus on your value drivers in a safe and clean environment. 

Surface Cleaning & Application

We supply a wide range of Unitor™ cleaning chemicals ideal for drill floor, machinery, piping and deck areas. All surface cleaning chemicals are specially formulated and field proven to match your requirements for heavy duty degreasing, rust removal, cleaning in place (CIP), descaling, surface brightening and for biodegradable cleaning chemicals i.e.

  • Surface cleaning chemicals
  • Biodegradable cleaning chemicals
  • Heavy duty degreasers
  • Rust removal & surface brighteners
  • Descaling accelerators
  • Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Cleaning Equipment

We offer a variety of corresponding cleaning equipment that are aligned for Unitor™ chemical application. We provide mobile and stationary electrical highpressure cleaner, air driven high pressure cleaner for ‘Ex’ areas, related wet sandblasting equipment, accessories and chemical applicators for optimum surface preparation. Furthermore, we offer pumps for chemical mixing/transfer and ultrasonic cleaning machines designed to remove the most stubborn dirt inside equipment, filters i.e.

  • Electrical high pressure cleaners (mobile and stationary)
  • Air driven high pressure cleaners
  • Sandblasting equipment
  • Hoses, nozzles & repair kits
  • Chemical applicators
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • Pumps

Accommodation Area Cleaning

Keeping kitchen, rest rooms, laundry and accommodation areas clean in order to reduce the risk of infections and diseases is vital to ensure occupational health and safety. We supply detergents, bio-chemicals and related mixing equipment that has been specially adapted for these essential cleaning tasks. For personal care we provide hand cleaners, sanitizer and skin protection products. In addition, we offer range chemicals for sewage treatment. More specific, we provide defoamers, flocculants and bio-chemicals that optimize biological activity in sewage treatment plants and associated systems i.e

  • Floor and accommodation cleaners
  • Kitchen and laundry cleaners
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaners
  • Mixing stations and soap dispensers
  • Hand cleaner, skin protection and sanitizers
  • Sewage treatment chemicals

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