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Don't Forget the Filters!

In the midst of making big IMO 2020 decisions, it is quite easy to overlook fuel filters. Filter blockages can result in time consuming manual cleaning for crew and damage to filter parts.

Wilhelmsen insights |
Mark Oliver Wittburg, Product Marketing Manager Cleaning Solutions


When it comes to IMO 2020, there have been many important decisions to take, such as scrubbers versus low sulphur fuel.

In the midst of such big decisions, it is quite easy to forget about the filters. But the fuel filter can actually serve as an important indicator of the quality of fuel cleaning.

Since low sulphur fuels have a higher content of catalytic fines, filter elements may require more frequent cleaning and this can then lead to: firstly, increased manual work for the crew and secondly, due to increased manual cleaning, there are higher chances of rough handling and damage to filter parts which then have to be replaced.

As a result, with manual cleaning, one can incur recurring costs due to filter replacement.

This is precisely the reason that, at Wilhelmsen, we have developed the Ultrasonic cleaning machine which takes out any complexity out of filter cleaning.

Simply place the dirty filters into the Ultrasonic cleaning machine and let technology do the manual work. The Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a one time investment which helps you to avoid unnecessary filter replacement and improves the cleaning result without damaging the items to be cleaned.

We believe this is the future of cleaning and it is here now.