Offshore Wind Energy

WSM provides offshore wind energy services for floating installations and platforms.

Our on-site maintenance team aims to provide seamless connectivity from onshore transformer stations to offshore grid connection systems.  

Our range of services include:



WSM Offshore Crew

Crew Coordination

  • Provide qualified and skilled crew that are familiar with working at platforms.
  • Provide qualified personnel for Emergency Response Team.
  • Occupational training for crew
WSM Offshore Wind MaintenanceMaintenance System
  • Maintenance of the grid connection, secondary and auxiliary systems.
  • 24/7 on-call service for rapid correction of faults on grid connection system components.
  • Inspections and repairs for building structure and parts above the water line i.e. scaffolding, welding, coating and insulating work.
  • Ensure safety and performance.

WSM Offshore Project Management

Project Management
  • Prepare all documentation, papers and reports including job cards, list of provisions, meeting minutes, calculations of efficiency among others.
  • Identify optimisation potential for operations.
  • Procurement and shipment of materials to platform storage.
  • Professional waste disposal.
  • Supplier evaluation and certification.
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Risk Management & Systems

WSM Offshore Catering

  • Catering and cleaning staff
  • Supply of food, beverages and bonded stores
  • Galley equipment and design
  • Cleaning of accommodation
  • Laundry