Restoration of children shelters in Malaysia

The most heartwarming aspect of lending a helping hand is witnessing the radiant smiles on children's faces. In Malaysia, our dedicated team has taken a heartwarming initiative to support a project aimed at enhancing the living conditions of a home that currently serves as a sanctuary for 35 children in need.

This home is part of a network hosted by SHELTER, a welfare organization that has been offering shelters and care to children who have experienced abuse, abandonment, neglect, or are at risk since its establishment in 1981.

Wilhelmsen Ship Management have funded the renovation cost of the building to create a safer and more comfortable environment for the children.

Some of the examples of the renovation work done. We hope the improved condition will provide extra comfort and create a safe space for the children and teens.

In addition to offering financial assistance to facilitate the renovation of the home, our entire team in Malaysia has actively participated in a food donation drive. This collective effort is aimed at ensuring the well-being of the children by providing them with nourishing meals. Many of our team members generously contributed essential items, including nutritious food and vital cleaning supplies. 

Our employees generously donating food and supplies to support the shelter's children and teens.

Our engagement with the home did not end there. We have decided to surprise the children with a treat to Kidzania, an indoor theme park featuring a replica town where kids can engage in role-play scenarios based on real-world jobs and even earn play money.

Before we send the children off to the outing, our management team organized a heartwarming breakfast with the children and teenagers that are currently in the SHELTER network. During this special time together, we had delightful conversations, played games, and shared memorable moments with the young ones.

Our team sharing moments of warmth and connection with the children and teens.

The children have a fun time at KidZania where the entire theme park is an interactive city made for children that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play. The children independently explore a scaled city and tried out some exciting careers such as fireman, chef and many more.

Children and teens exploring a world of endless occupational possibilities at Kidzania.

We hope the jam packed activity brought much laughter and joy to the children and we aim to continue working together with SHELTER to extend our lending hands in continuing our engagement with the children. 

The children and teens had a lot of fun on the day out trying out different occupations.

About SHELTER (Home for children)
SHELTER, established in 1981, is a registered welfare organization dedicated to the well-being of children and teens. Their mission, services, and initiatives are designed to offer support for at-risk children through residential homes, counseling, and therapy. Additionally, they extend their services by providing shelter after school in lower-income communities, offering parents peace of mind while at work, knowing their children are in a secure environment. For these children requiring academic assistance, Shelter also provides tuition for those who need help with their studies.

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