Inspire our children

Every child deserves to dream big and succeed. But not all can have the opportunity to do so. Some are unable to participate in economic and social norms due to the great barriers they need to confront. Progressing our maritime industry with social inclusion is the right thing to do. This is how we do community. Leave No One Behind.

Inclusion matters

We are progressively working to support social sustainability and inclusion that integrates all people in our corporate ambitions.

To this end, we work with local non-profit organizations to reach out to communities particularly those marginalized or vulnerable population.

Our vision is to create communities that offer opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential and contribute to the human capital wealth.

Focus on youth in countries that we operate in

We want to make a difference in countries that we operate in together with our employees and seafarers. Part of our social responsibility is to contribute to education opportunities leading to employment.

Inspire our children activities aims to raise the awareness about seafaring as a profession to marginalized or vulnerable children. We hope to inspire these children to dream big and discover the world beyond where they are.

Inspire our Children