Product information

The safety spectacles have scratchproof hard-coated polycarbonate lenses, side shields and adjustable arms. Lenses are clear or shade 4 green. The shade 4 lenses may be used for light duty gas welding and brazing work.

The light half mask goggle of clear soft synthetic material is designed for protection against dust spatter and sparks during grinding.

The gas welding goggles with flip-up front has soft and comfortable surfaces against the face. The ventilation slots are designed to prevent entry of sparks and spatter, at the same time ensuring sufficient air circulation to prevent dampness and fogging of the glasses.

The filter shade glass is mounted in a flip-up front frame with a protection glass in front to protect the filter glass against spatter. A protection glass is also fitted in the fixed frame for protection when grinding and using the chipping hammer. Spare glasses are supplied in packages of 10.


  • Safety Spectacles and goggles comply to European Norms.


  • The headband is adjustable and elastic for comfortable use
  • The lenses are clear, anti-mist acetate
  • The design provides ample ventilation