Product information

Unitor's hoses for welding gases are made according to ISO 3821 / European Norm EN 559.

  • Normal working pressure up to 20 bar
  • Test pressure 40 bar
  • Minimum bursting pressure 60 bar

Self-retracting hose reels let you pull out the required length of hose and store the rest on the reel out of harms way. This saves time, makes the job easier and contributes to increased efficiency. A workshop floor free from hoses reduces tripping accidents, improves access for carts and trolleys and allows for easier cleaning.

The reel is supplied with 18m 6mm (1/4") twin AC-OX hose.


  • The hoses are colour-coded red for acetylene, blue for oxygen and black for shielding gases
  • Hoses for acetylene and oxygen are specially made for use with welding and cutting equipment
  • The Unitor Self-Retracting hose reel is made of robust steel construction


The welding gas hoses are:

  • High ignition temperature synthetic rubber
  • High tensile synthetic textile filament yarn
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistant synthetic rubber

The self retracting hose reel are:

  • Easy to install
  • Safe and maintenance free design with the single-layer retraction of the hose