Product information

This product supersedes product no: 725259

The handling of gas hoses cluttering the workshop floor is awkward and a waste of time. Self-retracting hose reels let you pull out the required length of hose and store the rest out of harms way. This saves time, makes the job easier and contributes to increased efficiency.

A workshop floor free from hoses reduces tripping accidents, improves access for carts and trolleys and allows for easier cleaning. The Unitor Self-Retracting hose reel is made of robust steel construction, easy to install, and has a well proven design that vouches for safe and maintenance free usage. Single-layer retraction of the hose and open design for safety and easy service.


We strongly recommend that the Ac/Ox twin hose are been checked for cracks in the outer rubber and leaks every time before you start welding; change the hose if necessary. However it is recommended to change hose completely after 5 years in service due to aging of the rubber. Remember to check the hoses for inlet to hose reel, as well as the hose on the reel.

Supplied with

18m x 6.3 mm (1/4") twin AC-OX hose


  • Less handling of hoses rigging up and rigging down
  • Only required length of hoses is pulled out to do the job


  • Saves time
  • Less wear and tear on hoses
  • Avoid tripping accidents and improve safety
  • Workshop floor free from entangled gas hoses