Product information

The quick couplings are designed for use on gas regulators and flashback arrestors, ensuring quick and gas-tight connection of hoses without use of tools. Connection of wrong gas is prevented by different design of male/female connections for acetylene and oxygen. In addition, connecting sleeves are color-coded red and blue. When disconnected the female socket (side towards the regulator) automatically shuts off the gas flow.

The screw connection hose joints are supplied in sets consisting of two hose sockets with nuts for connection to gas regulator and torch. A connection stub for use between the hose sockets completes the set as a hose joint. Nuts and connection stub for acetylene are left-hand threaded and marked with a groove. Argon and Oxygen are right-hand threaded. The hose joints are made of high-grade brass.


  • Easy identification with colour coding on probe (Red for Ac/Blue for Ox) for quick couplings while nuts and connection stub for acetylene hose joints are differentiated from oxygen by the left-hand threaded and marked with a groove/notch


  • Secure and leak free joints
  • Quick couplings allow flexible and quick connect /disconnect while hose joints provide permanent joints