Product information

This product supersedes product no: 175562

Unitor's gas hoses are Colour Coded i.e., Blue for Oxygen and Red for Acetylene and made according to ISO 3821 / European Norm EN 559.

  • Normal working pressure up to 20 bar
  • Test pressure 40 bar
  • Minimum bursting pressure 60 bar

The gas hoses for acetylene and oxygen are specially made for use with welding and cutting equipment.


  • Made according to ISO 3821 / European Norm EN 559
  • Made of SBR&NBR rubber with a synthetic reinforcement, comes in coil of 50m
  • Excellent mechanical wear characteristics


Made with the highest safety in mind i.e.:

  • Compliant to ISO 3821 / EN 559
  • High ignition temperature synthetic rubber
  • High tensile synthetic textile filament yarn
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistan synthetic rubber