Product information

Welding cables used on board, on deck or in an engine room, are exposed to rough weather, oil and mechanical wear. The welding cable supplied by Unitor has wear, flame and oil-resistant insulation on a polychloroprene rubber basis. It is recognized by its marking at regular intervals with the text "Unitor oil resistant welding cable", size of cable, and the standard for welding cable H01N2-D.


  • Unitor welding cable is oil resistant, flame resistant and wear resistant. The conductor is built up from 0.2mm diameter copper wires to ensure high flexibiIity
  • The Unitor welding cable complies with the harmonised standard HO1N2D for flexible welding cable

The cable is available in cross-section areas 35mm2, 50mm2 and 70mm2, in standard lengths of 10m, 20m and 50m, fitted with Unitor safety connectors, DIX connectors on request

  • The standard length cable extensions are fitted with Unitor safety cable connectors for optimal protection. Connection to the machine panel sockets is done with 2 pcs Dix/Unitor conversions

When cable extensions with safety connectors are used the electrode holder and ground clamp with safety connectors should be used



Product name Product number Weight [kg] Amperage [A]
CABLE DRUM W/CRANK 175729 10.5
WELDING CABLE 35 MM2 175836 0.415 375
WELDING CABLE 35 MM2 10M 175794 4.15 375
WELDING CABLE 35 MM2 20M 175786 8.30 375
WELDING CABLE 35 MM2 50M 175778 20.75 375
WELDING CABLE 50 MM2 175844 0.57 480
WELDING CABLE 50 MM2 10M 175828 5.7 480
WELDING CABLE 50 MM2 20M 175810 11.4 480
WELDING CABLE 50 MM2 50M 175802 28.5 480
WELDING CABLE 70 MM2 175851 0.785 600
WELDING CABLE 70 MM2 50M 183665 39.25 600
WELDING CABLE 95 MM2 655266 (supersedes L15268) 1.06 730