Product information

Each trolley has a unique serial number and lifting certificate, and can therefore also be used for lifting gas cylinders on board. Safe working load 70kg allows for all the equipment needed.

The cylinder fastening system allows for two cylinders side by side. If one cylinder is used it can be placed in centre, providing good balance during transport.

The welding machines UWI-203TP, UWI-320TP and UWW-161 fit on the shelf for welding machines.They are fastened with two strong straps with good locking function.

A large toolbox has room for welders accessories and electrodes with cables coiled on the driving handles.


  • Sturdy lightweight construction fitted with rubber wheel
  • Cylinder firmly locked in place and secured


  • Mobile welding station for portable movement onboard vessel
  • Fast and easy transportation
  • Prevents accidents caused by cylinders falling over
  • Can safely be lifted