Product information

This product supersedes product no: 606453

A must have maintenance electrode onboard as it can weld on wide range of base materials.

Electrodes for most high-alloy steels like spring-steels, carbon steels, tool steels etc. High resistance against cracking, heat and corrosion. Extremely hard wearing, polishes to high gloss with low friction.


  • Unitor high density polyethylene packing
  • Superb arc stability
  • Easy slag removal and smooth weld surface
  • High strength


  • Long storage lifespan without moisture pick up
  • Easy to use
  • Little surface treatment needed
  • Less possibility for joint failure during operation



Product name Product number Diameter [mm] Weight [kg] Amperage [A] AWS Polarity
TENSILE-328N 2.5X300MM 79PCS 1.6 KG 699470 (supersedes 606452) 2.5 1.6 85 E 312-17 AC,DC+
TENSILE-328N 3.2X350MM 50PCS 2.0 KG 699488 (supersedes 606453) 3.2 2 125 E 312-17 AC,DC+
TENSILE-W-228 SELFSHIELD 699492 1.2 5.0 A5.22: E312T0-3 DC+

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)