Product information

This product supersedes product no: 606451

Nickel electrodes (95% Ni) for welding of gray cast iron to itself or to steel. Especially good for old oil-soaked and corroded cast iron, and also for joining cast iron to steel, copper, copper alloys and stainless steel.

The two types of UNITOR cast iron welding electrode i.e., Nickel-333N (Pure Nickel) and NiFe-334N (Nickel Iron) whereby the pure nickel grade will produce a softer, more malleable weld deposit or lower strength and ductility than those of nickel iron.

Hence, Nickel-333N should be used where maximum machinability of weld deposit is required or where low concentration of weld stresses e.g., these include applications for thin plates, machinery parts, frames and housings.


  • Unitor high density polyethylene packing
  • Superb arc stability
  • Easy slag removal and smooth weld surface
  • Very good on oily cast iron


  • Long storage lifespan without moisture pick up
  • Easy to use
  • Little surface treatment needed
  • Less porosity in deposit resulting in less required grinding



Product name Product number Amperage [A] Diameter [mm] Weight [kg]
NICKEL-333N 2.5X300MM 121PCS 2.0 KG 699496 (supersedes 602946) 110 2.5 2
NICKEL-333N 3.2X350 68 PCS 2.2 KG 699504 (supersedes 606451) 140 3.2 2.2

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)