Product information

Unitor S 316 M-GF is a rutile flux cored wire designed for welding 19% Cr, 12% Ni, 3% Mo types of stainless steel.


  • High mechanical strength and toughness
  • High content of molybdenum
  • It is also suitable for related stabilised steel grades if service temperature is below 400oC


  • Application include welding on base materials AISI-304 and AISI -316
  • High productivity welding as the wire operates with a very stable, spatter free arc producing a bright, smooth weld bead surface and the slag is self-releasing.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

  • Use preferably 80% Ar/20% CO2 (UNIMIX) as shielding gas
  • Pure CO2 can also be used but for positional welding, Ar/CO2 is highly recommended for good welding results