Product information

Our specially designed mooring tails (pendants) are made to withstand tough swells, strong winds and currents. Timm Flex Tails have very high elongation properties, making them ideal for mooring in the most challenging of sea terminals.
Mooring tails are used to protect the mooring lines and to allow ships to sway and move with the environment.
Our flex tails have a high abrasion and UV resistance - providing a durable mooringsolution and acting as an absorber for sudden energy changes.
OCIMF recommends 22m polyamide tails as an exposed berth standard - for longer wave environments.


  • Very high elongation
  • 100% high tenacity PA fiber
  • Suitable for challenging sea terminal conditions
  • Protected eyes


  • Smooth handling surface
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance



Product name Product number
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 106MM 22M 1942KN (WET)/2206KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 411004
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 108MM 11M 2011KN (WET)/2286KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 411008
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 108MM 22M 2011KN (WET)/2286KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 411012
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 114MM 11M 2228KN (WET)/2532KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 411016
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 114MM 22M 2228KN (WET)/2532KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 411020
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 120MM 18M 2455KN (WET)/2789KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 411024
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 68MM 11M 839KN (WET)/954KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410515
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 76MM 11M 1035KN (WET)/1177KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410519
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 78MM 22M 1087KN (WET)/1236KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410976
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 80MM 11M 1141KN (WET)/1296KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410523
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 84MM 11M 1251KN (WET)/1422KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410696
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 84MM 22M 1251KN (WET)/1422KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410980
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 88MM 22M 1366KN (WET)/1552KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410984
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 90MM 11M 1425KN (WET)/1619KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410836
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 90MM 22M 1425KN (WET)/1619KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410988
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 92MM 11M 1486KN (WET)/1688KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410543
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 92MM 22M 1486KN (WET)/1688KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410840
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 92MM 22M 1486KN (WET)/1688KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410992
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 94MM 22M 1547KN (WET)/1758KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 410996
TIMM FLEX 8 TAIL 98MM 22M 1674KN (WET)/1902KN (DRY) WHITE 2X1,8M EYE 411000


Product is made according to ISO 1140:2012. Tested breaking load is according to ISO 2307:2010 and is measured without eye splices.