Product information

The new and improved range of Timm Flex 8 Tails was introduced in 2023. Timm Flex 8 Tails are specially designed for special applications that require higher elongation properties. With optimized construction, we can now deliver improved strength-to-weight ratio. Timm Flex 8 Tails have excellent abrasion and UV resistance – providing a durable mooring solution and acting as an absorber for sudden energy changes. As per OCIMF MEG4, the stated TDBF refers to the strength of a spliced tail in wet condition.


  • High elongation, making the product ideal for specific applications.
  • 100% high tenacity polyamide fibers (often referred to as nylon), meeting requirements from terminals that require polyamide tails.
  • Protected eyes, ensuring an optimal utilization of service life.
  • Smooth handling surface, optimizing the working conditions for the crew.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent UV resistance.


Ordering information


Product is made according to ISO 1140.

  • Manufactured acc. to => ISO 1140, ISO 9554
  • Tested acc. to => ISO 2307, CI 1500A, DNVGL-CP-0100