Product information

Many ropes, and HMPE ropes in particular, are supplied with a braided protective jacket. Such jackets get worn, and replacing them is expensive and time-consuming. The Timm Repair Kit is developed in order to repair ropes with jacket. Unlike other kits, our solution is free from chemicals.

Timm Repair Kit is delivered with installation guide.

Each kit contains:

  • 20m x 150mm White Polyester Cloth
  • 50m High-Performance Double-sided Tape
  • 3 x 9.1m Scotch Vulcanizing Tape
  • 5 x 20m White Masking Tape
  • 1 x 100m 3mm Braided Seizing Rope
  • 1 piece of Tackle Tool
  • 1 piece of Scissors


  • 100% high-tenacity polyester cross-woven cloth
  • Pre-installed double-sided tapes for quick and easy installation
  • Installation guide


  • Easy and quick repair without the use of a coating
  • Extension of rope service life
  • Great appearance
  • No dangerous goods for transportation