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The technology behind this innovative solution lies in the energy absorption properties of the SBA core of the rope. If the load bearing construction breaks, the SBA will absorb the snap back forces, resulting in a reduction of snap back. With safety measures like Timm™ Master 12 SBA, you can mitigate risks to personnel during mooring operations, creating a safer mooring environment.

Timm Master 12 SBA is a mixed polymer rope solution, using the same material composition as our best-selling premium Timm Master 8 combined with Timm Snap Back Arrestor for improved safety when mooring.

Timm Master ropes are used by some of the world's largest shipping companies. This is a flexible and easily handled product made from polyolefin yarn and high tenacity polyester, with 18% elongation at break. The colour scheme and layout of the braiding gives an anti-twist visual indicator showing the crew if the rope is twisted. By preventing twist in the rope, you can improve the strength and life span.

Timm Master 12 SBA has very good abrasion resistance, having high tenacity polyester in the outer parts of the strands. The product is buoyant with excellent UV resistance. Having one of the best strength-to-weight ratios on the market, this rope will serve as a light-weight and reliable solution, suitable for all vessel types.


• 12 strand plaited construction
• Integrated Snap Back Arrestor
• Anti-twist colour indicator
• Tailor-made certificates
• Buoyant


• Reducing snap back if rope breaks
• Class leading strength-to-weight ratio
• Twist indication and possibility of improved life span
• High abrasion and UV resistance
• Type Approved by DNV GL
• Meets all OCIMF MEG4 requirements


Ordering information


Timm Master 12 SBA is Type Approved by DNV GL. This product is produced according to ISO 9554:2010 and tested according to ISO 2307:2010. Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) is according to ISO 10556:2009 and verified by DNV GL. Product is tested as according to the OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guideline 4th Edition.

Timm Master 12 SBA is delivered with a tailor-made certificate, following the vessel's needs for certification as recommended by OCIMF MEG4.