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Timm Master 12 SBA™ are the safest conventional mooring ropes in the world, thanks to the integrated SBA™ (Snap Back Arrestor). In November 2022, DNV awarded Timm’s Snap Back Arrestor a statement of qualified technology, following the successful completion of an extensive test program, performed in accordance with DNV’s recommended practice A203. This is the first and only anti snap back rope in the world to receive this qualification.

As a result of the construction and the rope having high tenacity polyester in the outer layer of the strands, Timm Master 12 SBA has excellent abrasion resistance. The color scheme is designed to give a visual anti-twist indicator to easily spot undesirable twists in the rope. Timm Master 12 SBA™ being floating and resistant to UV, with one of the best strength-to-weight ratios on the market, it serves as a lightweight and reliable solution, suitable for all vessel types.


  • 12 strand braided construction
  • Integrated Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™)
  • Anti-twist colour indicator
  • Compliant certification
  • Floating


  • Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™) integrated, reducing dangerous snap back and providing the safest possible working conditions for your crew.
  • Class leading strength-to-weight ratio, providing a better ease of handling.
  • Anti-twist indicator integrated in the range, helping the crew to eliminate potentially dangerous twists in the ropes.
  • High abrasion and UV resistance, providing longer service life and lower expected cost of ownership.
  • Type Approved by DNV.
  • Meet all OCIMF MEG4 and SIRE 2.0, RightShip RISQ 2.0, SOLAS and Intertanko requirements, ensuring compliancy with regulations.


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Type Approved Product by DNV and ClassNK. This product is produced according to ISO 9554 and tested according to ISO 2307 and OCIMF MEG4. The Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™) technology is qualified by DNV.