Product information

This product supersedes product no: 606466/546549

The Refrigeration Handy Tools Case consists of the following:

  1. Unitor blue ABS carry case.
  2. General hand tools Screw driver (+), Screw driver (-), Long nose plier, Split joint plier, Combination plier, Angle nose plier, adjustable wrench, Small screw driver (+), Small screw driver (-)
  3. Special Refrigeration Tools Tube cutter "mini", Evaporator Fin straightener, Schrade valve core removal tool, Schrade valve operating magnet, Hose 1.8m with ball valve & sight glass, 1/4" SAE, 800 psi, Hose with ball valve, 1/4" SAE, 800 psi, Hose 0.9m, 1/4" SAE, 800 psi, UT-04 1/4" SAE male T-piece.
  4. Items can also be bought separately
  • Refrigerant Cyl. Valve Adaptor Set (544932)
  • Magnet & Volt Sticks Pack (743476)
  • IR Thermometer W/Belt Holster (737668)
  • Inner-Outer Reamer (528026)
  • Tube Cutter UPT-274-FC (522557)
  • Flare Tool (522573)
  • Rachet Wrench Big 1/2-1/4-5&9/16 (743203)
  • Rachet Wrench Small 1/4-3/8-3&5/16 (743195)
  1. Other
  • Unitor Refrigeration Handling Guide
  • Unitor Refrigeration Fault Diagnostic Slide


  • Products selected for defined purposes
  • Quality tool selection
  • Handy light weight suitcase
  • Service slide ruler is included
  • Vacuum and charging hoses suitable for every day operations
  • Refrigeration Fault Diagnostic Slide to assist in fault finding
  • Unitor Refrigeration Handling Guide to give practical tips


  • Convenient
  • Every tool needed is collected in one place together with a useful refrigerant handling guide and more

This bundle contains: