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A service manifold with high and low pressure gauges and optical sight glass to observe the refrigerant as it flows through the manifold, assisting in assessing the operating performance for a refrigeration systems and assist during recovery or charging processes. Also suitable for refrigerants with higher operating pressures like R-410A.

Product information


  • 60 mm glycerine-filled gauges
  • Gauge scale for refrigerants like R-410A (higher pressure
  • 3 hoses 1/4" (yellow, red , blue) with length of 150 cm; connection 5/16" SAE flare (1/2"-20 UNF) on one side and on the other side 1/4" SAE flare
  • 1 vacuum hose 3/8" (yellow) hose with length 90 cm with 3/8" SAE flare connections on both sides
  • Core depressor (Schrader) connections where applicable
  • Hoses classified with working pressure of 60 bar
  • Non-rotating piston valves for durability


  • Liquid filled gauges gives accurate reading
  • Easy to use with colour-coded valves and hoses