Product information

The digi-manifold set (4-way) consists of: • Sturdy plastic case 530mm (H) x 360mm (W) x 100mm (D) • Main Unit with display • 2 x external temperature sensors (K-type) • 5-piece hose set with CA valves • Special vacuum hose 3/8"


  • Support 89 different refrigerants
  • Superheat and subcool indicator
  • Patented analogue display with pointers
  • Large 4.3" TFT colour display
  • High precision due to accuracy class 0.5
  • Flexible power source (AA batteries or USB)
  • Wireless communication with App and other devices.
  • Lockable for long-term measurements
  • Valve core depressor connections where applicable


Cost-Saving and Lower Long-term Investment Only one tool is required to support all common refrigerants used in maritime applications (including the new HFO/HFC blends like R-448A, R-449A and R-452A). Refrigerant and software updates can be carried out free of charge via REFMESH or computer in future.

Easy Access to Data Wireless communication with the REFMESH App. Long-term logging data and maintenance activities are automatically stored in the device and documented in the REFMESH app. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Time-Saving Pressures and temperatures can be shown in your preferred unit of measure. Superheat and Subcool temperatures will be calculated automatically.

Performance Improvement With its high precision sensors, the 4.3" TFT colour screen able to shows measured values accurately. It enables the system to run at its optimum level with correct settings.